Iconic Domino Sugars Sign Returns to Baltimore

On July 4th, 2021, Domino Sugars iconic orange sign returned to light up the Baltimore skyline with its signature orange glow- I was there to capture it.

After posting up early along the Harbor Point section of Baltimore’s harbor, I set up for my shots of the Domino Sugar refinery and the for what was billed as a light show. Little did I(and many other spectators) know that this “light show” was actually going to be a surprise fireworks show.

Jared Russell Strouse – Baltimore Photographer

Initially, I had my camera set up for what I thought was going to be a laser light show but quickly had to adjust as the fireworks starting ripping into the air. To get my shots, I used a Canon 70D mounted to a tripod with an L bracket. I then set my shutter speed to 30 seconds so my camera could capture a wide range of fireworks explosions.

The last challenge was to get the Domino signs new lights into the composition. This meant I could not move my tripod even the slightest bit during this shoot. Once the moment came and the sign was re-lit, I took five exposures at varying shutter speeds to capture the orange LED sign’s glow.

The photo below is the result of quick thinking and knowing how to adapt to a changing situation. This shot is quickly becoming one of the favorites I’ve taken of the Domino Sugars Sign.

Domino Sugars Sign Lighting
Domino Sugars Sign Lighting by Jared Russell Strouse

Domino Sugar put on an amazing show.

I was very impressed with their fireworks and the quality of the new sign. It’s great to have this Baltimore icon back in action!

Below are a few more photos from the evening.